I'm Speaking at PASS Summit 2016

I'm Speaking at PASS Summit 2016   This'll be a busy week for me at the PASS Summit, the biggest conference in the SQL Server industry, with 2 community sessions and 2 general sessions, as shown below: General Session (75 minutes): Fundamentals of Tech Team Leadership (Professional Development), Thu 10:45-12:00 AM PDT Four Ways We Kill

The Feature Matrix and Other Tall Tales

Richard Douglas continues his series on evaluating monitoring tools; in this post, he explains why the feature matrix is a modern fairy tale.

Latest Builds of SentryOne Software

Updated October 21st, 2016 : Latest builds of the SentryOne platform and Plan Explorer, as well as updated blog posts, downloads, and change lists.

Customizing Your Alert Emails in SentryOne

Lori Edwards (@loriedwards) shows two ways to customize the alert emails that are sent in response to Advisory Conditions.

Latest Builds of SQL Server 2014

Updated October 18th, 2016 : SQL Server 2014 is now at Service Pack 2, with plenty of enhancements back-ported from the recent SQL Server 2016 release.

Implementing a Custom Sort

Rob Farley (@rob_farley) discusses some solutions and gotchas for implementing a custom sort using ORDER BY in T-SQL queries.

SentryOne – A New Partner Focus

With the new SentryOne version 11 there's never been a more complete solution for our partners to provide the best service for their customers. In my prior role as a Strategic Partner I made use of SQL Sentry's tools to track what problems existed, and to point me towards their solution. With the ability now

Plan Explorer 3.0 Demo Kit

Last month we released the new, all-free, Plan Explorer 3.0, and now seemed the right time to follow that up with the 3rd version of the demo kit, too. Please consider earlier versions of the demo kit deprecated; I won't remove them, but I will add a note to those pages soon. Now, you might

More than a Name Change : What's New in SentryOne?

Jason Hall (@SQLSaurus) discusses the rebranding of the SQL Sentry platform to SentryOne, and also highlights some of the new features in v11.

SentryOne : The Evolution of a Company and a Platform

CEO Greg Gonzalez details the history of our company and our software, and explains the reasons behind rebranding our software platform to SentryOne.

#BackToBasics : Why I use lower case for data type names (now)

Aaron Bertrand (@AaronBertrand) explains why he codes defensively – matching the case of data type names, even in scenarios where it isn't strictly necessary.

Send SQL Sentry alerts to your phone

From time to time, we’ve gotten questions on whether it is possible to send the alerts generated by SQL Sentry to cell phones in the form of a text message.

Hello World Tour (the SQL)

Richard Douglas has another busy autumn lined up – read on to see if he'll be presenting SQL Server sessions at an event in your area!

Paul White : The Sort that Spills to Level 15,000

Paul White shows that SQL Server sometimes produces very misleading information about the impact of sort operations.