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Slides & Demos from SQLintersection Fall 2018

This week I've been at SQLintersection in Las Vegas, and I have materials to share from two sessions. The first is from my session Tuesday, "New T-SQL Capabilities in SQL Server 2016, 2017, and beyond…"

I want to clarify that both online and resumable index operations are only supported on Enterprise Edition. I knew that online operations had this restriction, but forgot in the moment that resumable operations require them to be online, which makes sense when I think about it for more than 2.2 seconds. :-)

The second is from my session this morning, "Dating Responsibly in SQL Server." I want to add some clarity here, too, since I pulled a "do as I say and not as I do" in this session. I point out issues with DATEADD/DATEDIFF when used in the predicate (on either side of the equation). I'm not suggesting you should never use DATEADD/DATEDIFF in queries, just that when you do use them and you do experience issues with performance or cardinality, those predicates may be the source.

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