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Suril Jasani

Suril (@suriljasani) is the Client Support Manager at SentryOne, where he directs the activities of the Client Support Department, providing technical and strategic leadership spanning a wide variety of objectives. Here he covers a range of topics that include SQL Sentry features, tips and tricks, troubleshooting methodologies, team updates, and more. Suril holds a BS in Computer Science from University of North Carolina at Charlotte, and a BS in Finance from Gardner-Webb University.
SentryOne Help Center

SentryOne Help Center

Suril Jasani (@SurilJasani) provides an overview of the SentryOne Help Center, including Knowledge Base articles, Questions & Answers, and details about Feature Requests.

Using SQL Sentry on a 4K / HiDPI Monitor

We are aware that a few of you are enjoying these spiffy HiDPI / UltraHD / 4K screens, whether you're using a Retina screen, a Surface, or an external high-end monitor. We have plans to fully accommodate these higher resolutions in our software, and in the meantime, we have helped multiple customers with a workaround