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The Relativity of Server Health

The Relativity of Server Health

Maintaining a good server health status is critical to your SQL estate performance. Jason Hall discusses why 'healthy' is not a relative measurement.

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SQL Server Alerts : Best Practices

SQL Server Alerts : Best Practices

Strategies and best practices for SQL Server alerts. Alert priorities, avoiding alert fatigue, and having a solid overall strategy are key.

Advisory Conditions : Available Actions

Advisory Conditions : Available Actions

Melissa Connors (@MelikaNoKaOi) shows you how to implement all of the Available Actions for Alerts on SentryOne Advisory Conditions.

Customizing Your Alert Emails in SentryOne

Lori Edwards (@loriedwards) shows two ways to customize the alert emails that are sent in response to Advisory Conditions.

Send SQL Sentry alerts to your phone

From time to time, we’ve gotten questions on whether it is possible to send the alerts generated by SQL Sentry to cell phones in the form of a text message.

New Custom Conditions Pack (July 2016)

Melissa Connors (@MelikaNoKaOi) tells you what's new in the latest SQL Sentry Custom Conditions Pack for more intelligent SQL Server altering.

Using the Email Alert Filter

Alec Pickup describes how to use the email alert filter in SQL Sentry software to conditionally determine when you will get alerted on a condition or event.

SQL Sentry & SIOS iQ : The Integration Begins

Brian Davis (@brian78) walks through configuring Custom Conditions in SQL Sentry to work with the SIOS iQ machine learning platform for VMware environments.

Enabling verbal alerting through SQL Sentry

Richard Douglas (@SQLRich) shows how to extend SQL Sentry alerting, using Microsoft Office to verbally warn you about threats to your SQL Server environment.

Common Criteria Compliance: A True Story

Melissa Connors (@MelikaNoKaOi) explains the importance of the Common Criteria Compliance Enabled custom condition & avoiding unexpected performance issues.

Jason and the Case of “The Condition Mission”

Jason Hall (@SQLSaurus) demonstrates his creative writing prowess with a sort-of-fictional tale about Custom Conditions in SQL Sentry Performance Advisor.

Setting Red Alert

Richard Douglas (@SQLRich) takes a tongue in cheek look at how you could extend Performance Advisor with the Internet of Things to create a real Red Alert scenario.

New SQL Sentry Custom Conditions Pack

Melissa Connors (@MelikaNoKaOi) shows you what's new in the latest SQL Sentry Custom Conditions Pack for more intelligent alerting options.

Always On Availability Groups & VMs

John Martin explains how Always On Availability Groups & Virtualization go hand in hand, but if you don't get it quite right, it can all go horribly wrong.

Custom Conditions : A Logical Choice

Melissa Connors (@MelikaNoKaOi) guides you through creating advanced SQL Sentry Custom Conditions with multi-step condition checks for intelligent alerting.