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Top 7 Things Every DBA Should Do Before They Go On Holiday

MS MVP Kevin Kline walks through two ways to prepare for a peaceful and uninterrupted holiday: technology and process. The former involves things we can do with our databases to make our lives easier while away from the office, while the latter are steps we can take in advanced to reduce the need for our coworkers to call us. 

SentryOne and SQL Server Agent Jobs

SentryOne and SQL Server Agent Jobs

SQL Server Agent jobs: from basic maintenance tasks to checking health, status, and regularly scheduled processes, what would we do without them?

T-SQL Tuesday #70 – Managing an Enterprise

For September's T-SQL Tuesday, Lori Edwards (@loriedwards) talks about how she coped with managing a critical hospital application in her first DBA gig.

T-SQL Tuesday #68 : Default Settings for SQL Server Agent

Justin Randall (@jh_randall) contributes to this month's T-SQL Tuesday with a post showing many of the default settings and behaviors for SQL Server Agent.