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Introducing Storage Forecasting with SQL Server Machine Learning Services

Introducing Storage Forecasting with SQL Server Machine Learning Services

The newly released SentryOne 18.5 includes the first feature set to utilize advanced analytics and machine learning technology—introducing SentryOne Storage Forecasting. SentryOne Director of Analytics Steve Wright shares how you can access and customize storage capacity forecasts in SentryOne.

Event Log Management Tools in SentryOne

Event Log Management Tools in SentryOne

Melissa Connors (MelikaNoKaOi) walks through some key features of the event log management tools in SentryOne for Windows Event Logs as well as SQL Server.

Glenn Berry : Memory/Storage Technology Hierarchy and SQL Server

Glenn Berry discusses the ever-changing landscape of memory/storage technology, and how it relates to SQL Server workloads on Windows servers.

Instant File Initialization : Impact During Setup

SQL Server 2016 allows you to enable instant file initialization during installation; Aaron Bertrand (@AaronBertrand) looks at how this can impact tempdb data file creation.

Q&A from Webinar "How to Reduce Latency and Boost I/O Performance on SQL Server"

Kevin Kline (@kekline) answers several questions from his recent webinar on I/O latency with Tegile's Sumeet Bansal.

Mining Performance Data from SQL Sentry : Part 3

Jason Hall (@SQLSaurus) adds to his series on mining performance data from the SQL Sentry database, this time showing how to get information about disks.

As a SQL Server DBA, Why Do I Need Performance Advisor for Windows?

SQL Sentry Performance Advisor (PA) for Windows is one of our newer product offerings, and I think one that could use a little bit of use-case clarification. I am often asked questions like this: "Why would I need Performance Advisor for Windows when Performance Advisor for SQL Server already shows me Windows metrics?"

There are several possible answers to this question: