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3 Reasons to Upgrade SQL Sentry Now

Something that always amazes me no matter how long I have been in technology is the rather large pool of folks that never make it around to upgrading their tools. When it comes to SQL Sentry, we love for you to upgrade for your benefit and ours, and we really work hard to make it easy to do so. So here are some great reasons to upgrade your SQL Sentry environment just as soon as you are able to.

3 – Help Us, Help You

This sounds cheesy, but it is 100% true. When the majority of customers are on the latest version, and you are 1 or 2 major releases behind it will almost always be more difficult to support. Things change, sometimes major things, and having to travel virtually back in time to see how it used to work takes more time and effort. If you want help in the fastest possible time, please upgrade to the latest version by logging onto My Account.

2 – That Bug You Found Might be Fixed, or That Feature You Wanted Might be Complete

Unfortunately no software is perfect. If it were we might be running from Terminators right now! We take software defects seriously, and we consistently release incremental builds to fix bugs and provide minor improvements. We also take feedback from our customers very seriously, and when you ask for something we will tell you when it is ready. Any new feature or defect is listed in the change list. If you have a question about something on the change list, just email us at support@sentryone.com. We are happy to explain in detail any bug fix or feature listed.

1 – You Already Paid for It

New version releases are rolled up under your annual SQL Sentry software support agreement. Besides having full access to our exceptional (and good looking!) support services, this covers all newly released SQL Sentry builds from minor updates to full blown major releases. Even if your maintenance contract expires tomorrow, you can upgrade today!

Honorable Mention – Do it for Kevin!

Every time someone needs support for something that has already been added or fixed, Kevin Kline (b | t) loses another hair! Think about Kevin’s head the next time you ignore the new version in the Version Checker!

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  • Foqia Khan says:

    Hi, could you please share instructions to upgrade SentryOne software. We have a licensed SentryOne and are planning to upgrade it to latest version this weekend. are there any special requirements we need to consider before actually starting the upgrade ?

    F K

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