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SentryOne Cloud Sync and GDPR

SentryOne cloud sync is awesome. I know, not everyone can use it. I also know that some might be able to use it, but they have a bit of a hill to climb getting buy-in from their security and compliance teams.

GDPR is well upon us, and I know many are interested in making sure they are compliant with GDPR when using SentryOne cloud sync.

I'm happy to inform you that ensuring GDPR compliance with cloud sync is easy. The downside is that you won't be able to use Top SQL, Blocking, or Deadlock reports in if you do this. Anything with queries could have some fragments of PII in them, and the best way to ensure compliance at the moment is simply to not sync queries.

What to do

In SentryOne, locate the cloud sync feature. It is easy to find on the navigation pane.

S1 Cloud Sync Feature
S1 Cloud Sync Feature

Once you are all signed up, and you're telling SentryOne what to send up to the cloud, all you need to do is make sure you are not sending any of the items that show query text or parameters.

Don't send the queries
Don't send the queries

That's all. Do this for each server you sync, and SentryOne will not send anything but your Advisory Condition events, and performance counters to your cloud repository database.

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