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Tech Outbound Ship Shape Challenge Update 1

This is the first update for my Tech Outbound Ship Shape Challenge. If you are catching up, the challenge, for me, is to lose 56 pounds of unhealthy body mass. I started the beginning of March, and I now have right around 4 months left to reach the goal.

Challenge Indeed!

It has been a challenging month all around. Not only have I been working to adhere to a very strict menu, but March was an extremely active month at SentryOne. I know some of you do this all the time, but I haven't seen this much travel in one month since my Army days. In March I was in New York, Wisconsin, Colorado, Ohio, and Florida. I think I was at home in North Carolina for maybe 5 or 6 days the whole month.

These trips were great. They were for our Road Shows, visits to customers, and the SQL Intersection conference. On every trip I got to meet with amazing people who all use SentryOne. They shared their stories and ideas, and each each one provided some unique perspective on performance management for the Microsoft Data Platform. I'm grateful to all of them for taking time to help us continue making SentryOne the tool of choice for proactive data professionals.

On the flip side, finding food that is both healthy and "on the menu" for my plan was really tough on some occasions. The most notable difficulty was actually in the airports. Airports seemed like some sort of different world, where the only food is fast food. Even the sports bars, and sit-down restaurants in airports are designed to get you in and out fast. It's great for traveling, but not so great for your diet.

I'm happy to report that I did find a safe harbor. One thing that is on my menu, and that can be found just about anywhere. My old friend, Buffalo Wings. Keeping in mind that portion control is definitely a thing, they can't be breaded, and it's best if they are baked instead of fried (not always an option) 6-8 Buffalo Wings fits nicely into my very low carb (VLC) nutrition plan. I even love them at home, where we can fry them in the air fryer.

Buffalo Wings from an Air Fryer

Buffalo Wings from an Air Fryer

The Results!

Well, I don't expect this every month, but I am off to a great start. As of Sunday morning April 1st, I have lost 25 pounds. This is a very encouraging start, but I also know that these results are going to slow down. I'm also going to be hitting the gym this month, adding strength training to my routine. I had always planned to do this, but my doctor has now recommended starting ASAP to avoid any lean muscle loss. As much as I want to drop the weight, I must remember that the goal is to lose unhealthy mass, and losing muscle would be counter productive.

Arnold - Deadlift

I'm coming for you Arnold!

I will be back next month with another update. The challenge in March was all the travel, but the challenge in April might even be worse. Vacation!

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Until next time,

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  • David Turpin says:

    Way to go Jason. Putting it all out there for the world to see means you are 110 percent committed. It's a tough road to make as many changes as you are going through but hang in there, it's worth it. It's also a journey… with no end game. Body weight is only one factor to measure your successes. The pants test also applies… when you start using notches on the belt you haven't seen in a while, maybe ever, it's real proof of progress. Hopefully you can find a sport that you can embrace, one that will make movement fun and not just exercise for the sake of exercise. I know there are folks at S1 that mountain bike but any kind of cycling is load bearing but doesn't tear up the knee and hip joints like running. And if you can find a regular group to exercise with it becomes a social activity. BTW, any weight loss will include muscle mass; strength training will minimize it but not eliminate it. It's more about your relative power (strength:weight ratio) and less about absolute power.

  • Chris Wood says:

    You can get lettuce wrapped burgers. We can get them at A&W in Canada

  • Jason Hall says:

    I'm not sure the diet actually has a name, but it has a lot of similarities to the Keto diets. I'm allowed more carbs than something like Atkins, but less than something like Paleo.

  • Chris Wood says:

    Great job Jason. Joan thinks this is a Keto diet.

  • Peter says:

    Awesome start, Jason! I appreciate you sharing this with the rest of us as an inspiration that it can be done.

  • Drew says:

    Congrats on your great progress. As I've said to a number of friends and family over the years, if you eat healthy and work out, you may end up in fantastic shape at a higher weight than you were aiming for. Good friend (mid-50's) has been doing this for about a year now. She does not weigh that much less than previously, but she feels/looks great, fits into clothes comfortably that were too tight previously. She has well toned muscles/very good strength and much less body fat…but a good bit more muscle. Keep it up!

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