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Announcing SQLVacation 2017!


Now in its third year, SQLVacation is back to help fend off the dog days of summer. On each of the previous road trips, I loaded my horde of kids into the family truckster departed on a long, Odyssean road trip. Hijinks ensued. As is our tradition, the SQLVacation is a fun riff on the National Lampoon Vacation movies starring Chevy Chase. In 2015, we headed north from our home in Nashville, TN with the big city lights of Chicago in our sights. And in 2016, we made the road trip south to Pensacola,FL with many stops along the way and back. At each stop, I got together with the local PASS chapter to present about SQL Server technologies.

Eastward Bound!

This year, we are eastward bound to the Atlantic coast and back! This'll be our most ambitious road trip yet, with stops in 5 states in 11 different cities. The horde and I will pile into the minivan and make a circuit of the big cities between Nashville to Charleston to Virginia Beach, speaking at a different SQL Server user group meeting each day we're traveling. The full itinerary is in the table below. If you're on the route, I hope to see you at one of the user group meetings! Oh and by the way, you'll need to register at each individual SQL Server user group website. All of the links are provided in the table below:

Eastbound Westbound
27-Jun-2017 Chattanooga TN, Lunch session 11-Jul-2017 Greensboro NC, Dinner session
28-Jun-2017 Greenville SC, Dinner session 12-Jul-2017 Virginia Beach VA, Dinner session
29-Jun-2017 Columbia SC, Dinner sessionn 13-Jul-2017 Richmond VA, Lunch session
30-Jun-2017 Charleston SC, Dinner session 25-Jul-2017 Louisville KY, Lunch session
07-Jul-2017 Charlotte NC, Dinner session 28-Jul-2017 Nashville TN, Lunch session
10-Jul-2017 Raleigh NC, Dinner session
Route for the 2017 SQLVacation.

There'll be food, swag, and fun. Plus…

…part of the plan is to get #SQLFamily pumped up during the otherwise slower months of summer. In addition, we’re doing a social media contest to encourage everyone to tweet and post about their own #SQLVacation, with prize drawings and, at the end of summer, a grand prize giveaway.

Even if you can't make it to one of my sessions, I hope you’ll take part in the social media fun. You can read all of the details about the contest and rules for participation at


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    1. Hi Chris! There's no way I can drive between Canadian cities in a single day … without a flux capacitor! ;-) Still, I'd love to do that some time. Is there fast rail? Planes would be too expensive. Thoughts?