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I'm Speaking at PASS Summit 2016

I'm Speaking at PASS Summit 2016



This'll be a busy week for me at the PASS Summit, the biggest conference in the SQL Server industry, with 2 community sessions and 2 general sessions, as shown below:

General Session (75 minutes):

Community Session (45 minutes):

On top of that, I helped the SentryOne team pull off a very big full-day, pre-conference workshop covering the SentryOne tool kit. There was a BIG crowd who were enthusiastic, fun, and engaged. My favorite part of the day was when several customers of ours presented case studies to their peers about how are tools are improving their lives as data professionals. The image below shows Monica Rathbun (b | t)  giving a discussion on some of her favorite features and best practices:


Other independent contributors to the case study session included John Morehouse, Chris Yates, and Chris Wood. I especially enjoyed seeing all of the Q&A that arose from their presentations and how effective the users were at helping each other. Amazing stuff!

I'll also be hanging out in the Exhibit Hall at the SentryOne booth #216, blogging at the blogger's table during the morning keynotes, doing a PASStv interview, and much more. It's a busy week for sure, but always exhilarating!

The Inaugural Meeting of SQLSeattle

In addition to all of the SQLPASS activities of the week, it was my great pleasure to be the speaker for the inaugural meeting of the downtown SQLSeattle user group meeting. A first time meeting for SQL Server professionals in downtown Seattle??? Yes, it's true. Despite SQL Server's home development center being just a couple dozen miles away in Redmond, there's a great deal of difficulty getting from downtown out to the 'burbs without a long commute. So many data professionals in downtown Seattle simply did without a user group of their own or made the pilgrimage out to Redmond only once or twice per year. Now, thanks to the efforts of Greg Burns, a new user group is born.


At this session, I actually went a bit outside of the normal technology-specific topic list and delivered a professional development session (my all-time favorite, in fact) called How to be the Most Important IT Person in the Room: Why Data Professionals Own the Future. A video will be posted HERE soon. It was a packed room – we had 18 registered, but 28 attended – and hot too. I was also thrilled to see several of my friends (and brilliant luminaries in their own right) at the event – Jimmy May, Kalen Delaney, Mark Broadbent, and Richard Douglas. The conversation was great fun and many attendees hung out and chatted afterwards.

I hope to see you this week. Cheers!


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