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Learning all about the SQL Server Plan Cache

Get the Slides and T-SQL Scripts Shown in the Webcast

In case you didn't know, I've been doing a series of webinars on the topic of SQL query tuning, approximately once every two weeks. In these webinars, I go very heavy on the demos and, in all but the most recent webinar, eschew slides entirely.

The latest episode, broadcast live on Tuesday 10-Nov-2015, went in-depth into the SQL Server plan cache, the area of SQL Server memory reserved for handling T-SQL code and related objects. Since the topic was more elaborate and abstract than the three previous episodes, I wrote a supplementary slide deck along with the usual boatload of demos. We covered four main topics in the webinar:

  1. situations that cause 'bloat' in the plan cache;
  2. scenarios that cause the SQL Server optimizer to choose a suboptimal plan;
  3. problems with parameter sniffing; and,
  4. causes for inappropriate recompiles.

Click the hyperlink below to download the slides and T-SQL scripts:

If you'd like to watch the video, please check out the SentryOne Resource Library, where we have lots of videos covering a variety of performance troubleshooting and query tuning topics, including this webinar, and the three previous webinars in the series.

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