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Mountains and Mice: #SQLVacation Visits Greenville

Greetings from Greenville, SC

Last year for #SQLVacation I was heading toward Alabama around this time, now I'm just over four hours north-east in beautiful Greenville, South Carolina. Its famous Paris Mountain had changed from its namesake, Richard Paeris, to ease up on spelling confusion. Speaking of mountains, the Sassafras Mountain, the highest point in South Carolina, is just 40 miles northwest of the city. Being the 6th largest city in South Carolina I did expect some amazing things. I didn't expect it to be home to a historic 23" refractor telescope–the eighth largest of its kind.

Downtown holds a scavenger hunt called Mice on Main (which was created as a senior project). Based off the popular children's book Goodnight Moon, people search for eight different bronze mice scattered around downtown. I hope it's not too hard to find them all.

Greeting Greenville:

Lindsay Clark is phenomenal woman who manages to not only balance life and work, but helps to create a fulfilling SQL Community.

When did you begin your professional career? 2003 as a Helpdesk Manager

What’s a normal week at work like for you? I am a senior DBA/Team Lead for a fast growing startup in my hometown. The pace is intense with lots of new technology and projects so it commands most of my days during the week and some weekends. I enjoy the challenge but have to work hard to keep an even work life balance so that I have plenty of free time for my two sons and of course the SQL community.


What was your first IT or computer project that added value? We had to migrate 4TB of data from one SAN to another. The project was scheduled to take 3 DBAs 8 months to complete. I was able to automate it using TSQL and complete it myself in 3 weeks. Our team was then able to open up our availability to other projects.

What sort of career do you think you’d pursue today if you hadn’t chose IT? Healthcare in some capacity. I enjoy helping other people but realized at decision time I had too much empathy and that most jobs in the healthcare industry would be difficult for me to experience day in and day out.

When did you come to the area? I was born and raised in Greenville/Spartanburg SC. I’ve traveled many other places but always come home to the place where I have family close, the mountains 30 mins away and the beach 3 hours away. Who could resist?

What caused you to decide to help as a volunteer leader? I attended my local user group and through that channel found SQL Saturdays. After attending several events I was astounded that I was able to get free training that not only helped me gain direct and usable knowledge about my chosen career but confidence and comradery with like-minded individuals. After little over 2 years I felt like I had something of value to give back so I started speaking at my user group and SQL Saturdays (with a ton of support from sql family members) and wanted to bring a SQL Saturday to my community for those that had not experienced one and couldn’t travel like I had. I’ve never had one ounce of regret and only wish I could do more.

What is the IT community like in your town? We are fairly small and not as active as some of the larger cities but are within 1.5hrs of  surrounding cities with larger IT communities like Charlotte and 2.5hrs away Atlanta.

What do you enjoy doing in the area? I am an outdoorsy type and love to hike with my sons in the local mountains, kayak, and garden. If I have a long weekend I love to travel to different cities to experience the sights, sounds, and food of other areas. On my longer periods of time away from my responsibilities I’ll drive down to Charleston, SC to go adventuring with my sister which typically includes a fishing trip for fresh oysters, shrimp or snapper.

What do you recommend visitors to your town do on their own #sqlvacation? A visit to downtown Greenville is a must, there are wonderful restaurants, local artist galleries, all surrounding the beautiful Falls Park.

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