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SentryOne Community Omnibus—December 6, 2018

I started at SentryOne in June 2012 as employee #14. At the time, Aaron Bertrand (b | t) and I were the only bloggers; we didn't have, nor did any SentryOne webinar or resource go out with which we weren't intimately involved. Fast forward to today—SentryOne has just under 200 team members and loads of new content and goodies coming out every month. LOADS, I say!

In an effort to keep you up-to-date, I have teamed up with the SentryOne Marketing team to publish a regular omnibus of all of our new content and events. And by "teamed up," I really mean that the Marketing team has done all the hard work.

Webinar: How to Predict Your Future Storage Needs

Our Director of Advanced Analytics, Steve Wright (b | t), introduces SentryOne Storage Forecasting, which applies advanced analytics and machine learning technology to produce daily storage usage forecasts for all logical disks on your Windows servers. Learn more about the webinar and register HERE.

Webinar: Data Performance Challenges to Avoid

Richard Douglas (b | t), Principal Solutions Engineer extraordinaire, presents an informative webinar that covers the most common performance killers on SQL Server OLTP workloads. Register for this free webinar HERE.


White Papers, Case Studies, and Other Resources

SentryOne Press Releases

Well, that's it for this week. But there's a lot more coming soon!

And don't forget, if we're not already connected on social media, then send me a request. =^D

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