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Doing what you love

Teaching has always been the one thing that consistently brings me happiness. Even at the end of a long day, if a SentryOne demo turned into a call about discussing how the database engine works or why you might want to make one choice over another, I would find myself suddenly re-energized. The position of Solutions Engineer at SentryOne has worked very well for me because there have been any number of teaching moments.

Happiness = Success

And then it happened

Back in April of this year, I was attending our Sales Kick Off event and found out that SentryOne was looking to create a Training Department. This department would be built to serve the training needs of our customers, partners, and, ultimately, our internal training processes. I was asked if I would be interested in heading up this new department. I would like to say that I handled it in a calm, professional manner, but I do think that there was some jumping up and down while clapping.

On October 1st, I officially moved over as the Training Manager for SentryOne. The scope of work I have in front of me is almost overwhelming, but I could not be more excited. The official description of this role is "Currently responsible for all learning strategy and infrastructure, including building, executing, measuring, and evaluating training for SentryOne," so I doubt that I'll be bored for the next couple of years. Fortunately I have both Allen White ( T | B ) and Jim Holden ( B ) helping me to create content and provide feedback and advice.

We're about to push out our first project and it's going to be a great start. By Q1, you should start seeing some helpful content available for our customers/partners/evaluators and that will be just the beginning. If any of you reading this have some feedback on content/format that you'd like to see, please comment here or send me an email at Thanks for joining me in this adventure!

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