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Announcing Support for AWS RDS for SQL Server

SentryOne is dedicated to giving you deep visibility into your SQL Server deployments, and into the platforms those SQL Servers run on. We are proud to announce that with our latest 18.4 release we now also offer support for monitoring AWS RDS for SQL Server. RDS for SQL Server is a fully hosted SQL Server instance, letting you focus on just the data and code within the database and not the hosting or caring of the underlying infrastructure. You can find out more about RDS for SQL Server from the AWS documentation.

The support for RDS for SQL Server in SQL Sentry starts with our classic SQL Server Dashboard, where you can monitor waits, backups, transactions, latency and more. We also collect deadlocks, Top SQL (completed queries, query and procedure stats), index usage and, of course, support RDS for SQL Server targets for our Advisory Conditions engine. Over time, our support for RDS for SQL Server will grow, but we hope that you give our first release a try.

To get started, simply install the new 18.4 release of SentryOne, add a new target, and select "Amazon RDS for SQL Server" as the target type. Each RDS for SQL Server Instance counts as an instance of SQL Server and consumes one SQL Sentry license.

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