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SentryOne Partner Spotlight: Sabin IO

Sabin IO - SentryOne Partner

The SentryOne Global Partner Network is pleased to highlight Sabin IO, our Partner Spotlight for this month.

I have had the pleasure of working with Simon Sabin and his team for many years. Based in London, Sabin IO was established to help clients get more from their data. As the founder of SQLBits, the largest SQL Server conference outside of North America, Simon has both his MCM and Data Platform MVP designations from Microsoft and is also recognized as a Microsoft Regional Director. Simon has worked with data for all his career and with companies across all industry sectors including online retail, insurance, finance, and motorsport. Simon and his team improve their clients’ data development practices, assist in defining and implementing cloud strategies, and optimize the performance of their data platforms.

Simon and the Sabin IO team are true professionals that provide valuable insight and expertise to their clients. Their deep understanding of the complete Microsoft data platform gives them the unique ability to provide consulting, architecture services, and managed services to the benefit of their customers.

“We think about systems differently from many traditional Data Consultancies. We believe that to obtain the most value out of your people and your systems you need to adopt a DevOps approach. Intrinsic to any DevOps approach is the ability to obtain information about how your systems are running and feed that back into the work you do. SentryOne enables us to help customers achieve this for their data platforms. The monitoring that SentryOne provides ensures that the feedback loop required for true DevOps is completed,” said Simon Sabin, founder, and CEO of Sabin IO. “By integrating SentryOne in our consulting offerings, we’ve been able to focus on helping our Customers complete the feedback loop, identify exactly what they need to focus on and save significant amounts due to improved uptime, quicker resolution time and, reduced operating cost.”

Learn more about Sabin IO and how they implement SentyOne in a DevOps pipeline to provide validation of code before its shipped to production by watching the webinar series or contact them for a free Health-check consultation.



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