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Feel the Power!

Over the last few months the SQL Sentry cloud team has had the opportunity to work very closely with the Power BI team at Microsoft to add a new service to our cloud solution. We are very pleased to announce our upcoming Power BI content pack, slated for a June launch (see today's press release). We were included in Microsoft's announcements this morning:

Power BI slide

We are excited to make this content pack available, and provide analytics for SQL Sentry, alongside other providers such as GitHub, Google Analytics, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce and Zendesk. Power BI is a centralized place for organizations to analyze data from their corporate systems and we feel it’s the perfect place to include SQL Sentry. For those of you that have yet to use Microsoft’s Power BI service, I suggest you go check it out.

Power BI

As I mentioned in previous posts, my role here as Product Manager is to continue to evolve our product offerings in the cloud. Our vision continues to take shape, and Power BI is a natural complement to the suite of capabilities we plan to deliver.

We have long envisioned customizable, shareable, and easily consumable dashboards and reports on top of the performance and operational data collected by SQL Sentry. As always, we strive to give our users the best experience possible, so our design goals included the ability to create multiple dashboards which could be targeted to different audiences and shared with any number of people. As Greg mentions in the press release, this includes database administrators, ops teams and IT managers alike.

We are happy to say that if you are a SQL Sentry user and you synchronize your data to cloud.sentryone.com, you will soon be able to quickly enable a SQL Sentry Power BI management dashboard. This will provide you with a prebuilt set of reports and some great information to help you monitor and manage your server environment.

BI Dashboard - click to enlarge

While we are building a dashboard and a set of reports which we think will be useful to most of our clients, the real beauty of Power BI is the ability to customize your dashboard, create new dashboards or query your data in a very user friendly way, including Natural Language queries.

Power BI Natural Language Query

Power BI is a very simple yet powerful tool, and in upcoming posts I will explain how to enable the content pack for your own environment, and cover some of the things you can do with Power BI to make your dashboards fit your specific needs. I will also show some of the cool ways we have learned to use Power BI to help you understand even more about your monitored environment.

Power BI Reports

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