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Come and see SQL Sentry at this Spring's SQLintersection Conference

One of the biggest challenge facing DBAs, developers, and anyone else working with SQL Server today is the abstraction of their hardware. Virtualization, moving servers to the cloud, and database as a service offerings all present new challenges, especially when it comes to performance tuning and monitoring. There are new barriers to access performance data, some metrics have less meaning, others have disappeared entirely, and there are tons of new ones to pay attention to.

I frequently hear that resource contention is hard to catch, and being able to definitively prove that the database is or is not the problem when someone complains about poor performance is more difficult than ever.

Have you wondered any of the following?

  • “Is my VM right-sized?”
  • “What’s a DTU, and how many do I need for this database?”
  • “Am I really getting the performance I was promised on this platform?”
  • “Can I really trust what Perfmon is telling me if I only have access to the guest?”

The data is there, and you don’t need to wonder. In our SQLintersection Keynote: SQL Sentry Tools for Productivity and Performance, Jason Hall and I will be demonstrating how SQL Sentry’s new virtualization and cloud monitoring capabilities combine with our existing SQL Server monitoring capabilities, allowing you to peel back the abstraction layers and optimize SQL Server performance anywhere.

We will also be demonstrating the latest versions of the SQL Sentry monitoring tools and Plan Explorer in the Expo area, so please stop by and see our powerful new virtualization, cloud monitoring, and query tuning features up close. If you are going to attend SQLintersection and want to save $50 off of registration, use the discount code SQLSentry. Don't wait too long; early bird pricing ends March 1st!

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