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SQLBits Pre-con on SQL Server In Azure

SQLBits Pre-con on SQL Server In Azure

John Martin, Microsoft MVP, will present a full day pre-con on "Getting Started with SQL and Azure" at SQLBits 2018 on 21st and 24th of February, 2018.

Tableau Conference 2017: Here Comes SentryOne!

Tableau Conference 2017: Here Comes SentryOne!

Did you know 15,000 people are registered for Tableau Conference 2017 (TC17)? I didn’t realize this until I was talking to some of the folks at Tableau who use the SentryOne (S1) platform to keep their SQL Servers running at peak performance. We are in the throes of compiling a case study with Tableau about […]

Slides & Video – Tales from Building a SQL Server DW in Azure

Slides & Video – Tales from Building a SQL Server DW in Azure

Melissa Coates of SentryOne shares slides, videos, and other resources from a recent webinar on building an Azure SQL Data Warehouse.

Getting Started with Automated ARM Deployments in Azure

Getting Started with Automated ARM Deployments in Azure

Azure Resource Manager (ARM) allows us to deploy, manage, and secure resources in Azure. This post covers using ARM templates for automation of deployments.

The Architecture of Azure Data Platform Applications

The Architecture of Azure Data Platform Applications

Kevin Kline and Ben Lezin hold a short Q & A with Gavin Payne and Mike Wood about Azure architecture and improvements.

Introducing the SQL Server Database Experimentation Assistant

There's a very handy new tool from Microsoft called the Database Experimentation Assistant (DEA). The DEA makes it very easy to conduct A/B testing for SQL Server upgrades, providing quantitative insight into the performance differences across two versions of a database workload on SQL Server. READ MORE… Originally Posted February 08, 2017

Proof of Concepts: Making Hard Things Easy with Azure

Back when I managed my employer's enterprise architecture, prior to the days of virtualization and cloud computing, one of my most difficult projects was to build out a sandbox environment for a major proof of concept (POC). Locally hosted servers and all of the required licenses were expensive and scarce. If you're still struggling with […]

Welcome to the Azure Marketplace

Mike Wood (@mikewo) introduces our first offering in the Azure Marketplace: a VM with SQL Sentry Performance Advisor, Event Manager, and Fragmentation Manager.

Tim Radney : Getting Started Tuning Performance in Azure SQL Database

Tim Radney (@tradney) of SQLskills talks about the initial differences he has encountered while mastering the art of performance tuning Azure SQL Database.

Powerful ETL Technologies in the Microsoft Data Platform

Microsoft first truly disrupted the ETL marketplace with the introduction of SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) back with the release of SQL Server 2005. Microsoft has upped the ante yet again by bringing to market powerful ETL features to the cloud via the Azure Data Factory, which enables IT shops to integrate a multitude of […]

Machine Learning and the Microsoft Data Platform

MACHINE LEARNING AND THE MICROSOFT DATA PLATFORM If you're into data and databases and you have not heard the term "machine learning," may I suggest that you're not reading enough? This technology is hot and hyped, largely because it is the secret ingredient in many successful Big Data projects. READ MORE… Originally Posted January 07, […]

SQL Sentry v9.0 : Monitoring APS and Azure SQL Data Warehouse

David Benoit gives a high-level overview of new monitoring capabilities in SQL Sentry v9.0 : APS and Azure SQL Data Warehouse.

SQL Relay Slides and Demo Code

Another post, another set of slides and demo scripts. I have been out on the road for the last two weeks with SQL Relay 2015 here in the UK, travelling through Nottingham, Reading, London, Bristol, Cardiff, and Birmingham. Along the way I met a bunch of great speakers and had a lot of interesting conversations. […]

New Releases for the Microsoft Data Platform

NEW RELEASES FOR THE MICROSOFT DATA PLATFORM The Microsoft data platform team is on fire! It is delivering more updates and features faster and more thoroughly than ever before. If you're a data professional and you're using the Microsoft stack, this is a really exciting time to be involved. Here's a look at the top […]

SQL Sentry in the Cloud

Rick Pittser (@rjpittser) talks about his new role as Cloud Services Product Manager here at SQL Sentry, and welcomes suggestions for our offerings.