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Event Log Management Tools in SentryOne

Event Log Management Tools in SentryOne

Melissa Connors (MelikaNoKaOi) walks through some key features of the event log management tools in SentryOne for Windows Event Logs as well as SQL Server.

I Didn’t Know It Could Do That! (Reports – not just for managers)

Continuing his series on "hidden" gems in SQL Sentry software, Justin Randall (@jh_randall) provides some valuable information about Performance Advisor and Event Manager reports.

I Didn't Know It Could Do That!

Justin Randall (@jh_randall) kicks off a blog series aimed at showing our customers things they might not know about SQL Sentry Performance Advisor and SQL Sentry Event Manager. First up: the "Jump To" menu.

Simplify your on-call hours with SQL Sentry's alerting and response features

For many DBAs and other IT professionals, on-call hours are part of the job. Keeping critical servers and applications running 24/7 requires the ability to respond to problems at any time of day. This usually means that a call or page to the on-call administrator when something does go wrong off-hours. With SQL Sentry's extensive automated alerting and response capabilities, this isn't always necessary. Let's take a look at how it works.

3 Reasons to Upgrade SQL Sentry Now

When it comes to SQL Sentry, we love for you to upgrade for your benefit and ours, and we really work hard to make it easy to do so. So here are some great reasons to upgrade your SQL Sentry environment to the most recent release just as soon as you are able to.

Database Mirroring : Monitoring and Automation with SQL Sentry

Since its introduction in SQL Server 2005 SP1, mirroring has become a common method to provide high availability for critical databases. With any HA strategy, proper monitoring is a must to ensure everything is working as planned with minimal data loss and disruption incurred in the event of a failover.

SQL Server has built-in methods to monitor database mirroring, but there are several limitations and known issues. I'll show you how to use SQL Sentry's software to work around those and gain much more insight and visibility into your database mirroring performance.