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SQL Sentry Plan Explorer v2.7 : Better Anonymization

SQL Sentry Plan Explorer v2.7 : Better Anonymization

Aaron Bertrand (@AaronBertrand) gives details about an important enhancement in the latest release of SQL Sentry Plan Explorer, v2.7 : better anonymization.

Paul White : Rewriting Queries to Improve Performance

Paul White (@SQL_Kiwi) looks at a couple of cases where – even though T-SQL is supposed to be a declarative language, and any query that uses the same logic and same semantics should ultimately lead to the same plan and comparable performance – rewriting queries can change the plan in dramatic ways.

An Updated Plan Explorer Demo Kit

An Updated Plan Explorer Demo Kit

Back in 2010, we first released SQL Sentry Plan Explorer, a free application for query tuning through deep but intuitive execution plan analysis. This post was created to provide a series of sample plans to help you learn the tool or to demonstrate it to others.

Anonymize your plan details natively in Plan Explorer

Anonymize your plan details natively in Plan Explorer

I wanted to talk about two new features in SQL Sentry Plan Explorer: Plan obfuscation, where you can hide sensitive information in your plans before sharing them, and custom layouts, a way to take complete control over the visual representation of your graphical plans.

Plan Explorer PRO 2.5: Query plans your way

Have you ever worked with a query plan that was so large and unwieldy that it was next to impossible to make any sense of it? It can be a frustrating endeavor, for sure.

The new version of Plan Explorer PRO 2.5 is focused on making these big plans easier to manage, and it does so using a variety of techniques that you have been asking for, which I will cover below.

A new Q & A site, with plan uploads directly from Plan Explorer!

SQL Sentry has released a new Q & A site,, that integrates with SQL Sentry Plan Explorer. This integration allows users to upload execution plans from directly within the application, and get feedback and suggestions from noted execution plan experts, including Paul White. Read on to learn more…

It's Time to Go PRO!

It's hard to believe that we released the first version of Plan Explorer almost two years ago! The acceptance it has seen by the SQL Server community during that time has been amazing, and tremendously gratifying for all of us here at SQL Sentry.

From the start we've had many requests for additional features and functionality. Many of those went directly into the free tool (for a full list go here). For others, it was obvious that some serious heavy lifting and/or an increase in the support requirements would be involved, making them not well-suited for a free tool.

Plan Explorer PRO is the result of many months of building out several of those high effort/high value features you've been asking for. Initially we've targeted the features that we believe will have the greatest impact on efficiency and information sharing. Here are the top 5 major features in PRO: