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Investigate TempDB Like Sherlock Holmes

Richard Douglas (@SQLRich) shares the slides from his recent session at SQL Saturday Exeter, "Investigate TempDB Like Sherlock Holmes."

My Spring Conference Schedule

Aaron Bertrand (@AaronBertrand) talks about the sessions he'll be giving at several SQL Server events around the world in the first half of 2016.

Learning all about the SQL Server Plan Cache

The SQL Server plan cache is one of the most important architectural elements for DBAs to understand. Get the slide deck and sample scripts here.

Speaking at SQL Cruise in January

Jason Hall (@SQLSaurus) shares some exciting news: He's been announced as the final technical lead in the upcoming SQL Cruise!

Revisiting PASS Summit 2015: The Age of the Data Professional

The PASS Summit 2015, the largest conference in the Microsoft SQL Server world, was held in October in Seattle, WA. The event provided a look at key initiatives that Microsoft's SQL Server group has been working on and a glimpse of what's ahead for the future and the many promises that the team has brought […]

SQL Relay Slides and Demo Code

Another post, another set of slides and demo scripts. I have been out on the road for the last two weeks with SQL Relay 2015 here in the UK, travelling through Nottingham, Reading, London, Bristol, Cardiff, and Birmingham. Along the way I met a bunch of great speakers and had a lot of interesting conversations. […]

SQL Saturday #467 Pre-con : Being a DBA, A Day in the life

John Martin (@SQLDiplomat) talks about the upcoming pre-con he is presenting alongside Richard Douglas (@SQLRich) at SQL Saturday #467 (Southampton).

SQL Saturday #434 Holland – Slides

John Martin (@SQLDiplomat) talks about his session at the recent SQL Saturday event in Utrecht, Holland, and shares his slide deck from the session.

October SQL Server Presentations

Allen White (@SQLRunr) has a busy schedule in October, presenting on SQL Server Service Broker and PowerShell at three SQL Saturdays and the PASS Summit in Seattle.

Slides and samples from SQL Saturday Holland

Aaron Bertrand (@AaronBertrand) shares his PowerPoint deck and sample code from his most recent SQL Saturday appearance (#434, in Utrecht, Netherlands).

On the road with SQL Sentry

John Martin (@SQLDiplomat) talks about his upcoming adventures on the road, including SQL Saturdays in Holland and Oregon, and SQL Relay in the UK.

SQL Sentry Plan Explorer Links

Aaron Bertrand (@AaronBertrand) posts the slide deck and links from his recent presentation on SQL Sentry Plan Explorer at SQL Saturday #357 in Cleveland.

Learning from kids

Aaron Bertrand (@AaronBertrand) shares one of the most insightful pieces of feedback he's received from a session attendee. Who happens to be a 6th grader.

Recent SQL Server Decks and Demos

@AaronBertrand shares his slide decks and demo files from three different November Shows – PASS Summit in Seattle, WA; SQLintersection in Las Vegas, NV; and SQL Saturday #350 in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Presentations from SQL Bits XII : T-SQL Bad Habits & Best Practices

Aaron Bertrand (@AaronBertrand) provides links to his recent presentations (one with colleague Kevin Kline (@kekline)) at SQL Bits XII in Telford, UK.