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Resolving Key Lookup Deadlocks with Plan Explorer

Resolving Key Lookup Deadlocks with Plan Explorer

Greg Gonzalez (@SQLsensei) uses Plan Explorer to walk through troubleshooting a very common type of deadlock : updates conflicting with key lookups.

Bad cardinality estimates from SSMS plans – redux

Aaron Bertrand (@AaronBertrand) shares some insight about early changes to Plan Explorer that help to provide you with the most accurate information we can.

Aaron Bertrand : More showplan improvements? Yes, please!

Aaron Bertrand (@AaronBertrand) highlights a handful of Connect items aimed at improving SQL Server showplan diagnostics and query tuning in general.

Erin Stellato : Capture Execution Plan Warnings using Extended Events

Erin Stellato (@erinstellato) of SQLskills shows how to use Extended Events to monitor for query plans with certain characteristics, such as joins missing predicates, columns missing statistics, and unmatched filtered indexes.