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SQL Sentry v8 Technology Update

SQL Sentry v8 will have a system requirements change, specifically with regard to the operating system version used for both the Monitoring Service and the SQL Sentry Client.

The reason for this is that we have decided to target .NET 4.5 instead of .NET 4.0. In this post I wanted to share some of the reasons for doing so.

SQL Sentry v8: Intelligent Alerting Redefined

It's tempting to insert some clever reference to everyone's favorite vegetable juice medley here, but I will refrain, for fear of diminishing what is perhaps the most significant SQL Sentry release to date! In v8 we've addressed the three most frequent requests from our users – performance alerting, baselining, and cloud access – and we've done so in typical SQL Sentry fashion.

First up in the series on v8: Performance Alerting (aka, Custom Conditions).

An Updated Plan Explorer Demo Kit

An Updated Plan Explorer Demo Kit

Back in 2010, we first released SQL Sentry Plan Explorer, a free application for query tuning through deep but intuitive execution plan analysis. This post was created to provide a series of sample plans to help you learn the tool or to demonstrate it to others.

Simplify your on-call hours with SQL Sentry's alerting and response features

For many DBAs and other IT professionals, on-call hours are part of the job. Keeping critical servers and applications running 24/7 requires the ability to respond to problems at any time of day. This usually means that a call or page to the on-call administrator when something does go wrong off-hours. With SQL Sentry's extensive automated alerting and response capabilities, this isn't always necessary. Let's take a look at how it works.

Becoming a DBA : Live and Learn

In my new position here at SQL Sentry, I get to talk with many different data professionals. Some of them have far more experience than I do, but I seem to be running into more and more people that are very new to the field or have been thrust into that field. This post is for you – new DBAs and accidental DBAs.

Providing Exceptional Customer Service to Exceptional Customers

What is "exceptional" customer service? Here are some Dos and Don'ts to consider when attempting to provide exceptional service to exceptional customers.

Submitting a Better Support Request

It's never fun when something goes wrong with a piece of software or hardware we depend on. Often this situation necessitates some form of support engagement with the vendor. Vendor support varies greatly in quality, and I'm lucky to be writing this from the perspective of a member of the technical team at SQL Sentry – a company that has an excellent support team. That being said, my experiences as a support customer of various companies has run the gamut from great to terrible. While the quality of the support team you are working with may vary, I would like to offer some suggestions for making the process better from the customer side.

SQL Sentry v7.5: A Better AlwaysOn

Our ultimate objective with this release of SQL Sentry Performance Advisor was to increase visibility and manageability around AlwaysOn in dramatic fashion, thereby enabling it to reach its full potential. This new functionality is so powerful, some of our clients are even using it for resource management across commodity servers, something I'm not sure the AlwaysOn creators ever envisioned. I'll delve into that in a future post, but for now, I wanted to give some insight into these features.

Anonymize your plan details natively in Plan Explorer

Anonymize your plan details natively in Plan Explorer

I wanted to talk about two new features in SQL Sentry Plan Explorer: Plan obfuscation, where you can hide sensitive information in your plans before sharing them, and custom layouts, a way to take complete control over the visual representation of your graphical plans.

Plan Explorer PRO 2.5: Query plans your way

Have you ever worked with a query plan that was so large and unwieldy that it was next to impossible to make any sense of it? It can be a frustrating endeavor, for sure.

The new version of Plan Explorer PRO 2.5 is focused on making these big plans easier to manage, and it does so using a variety of techniques that you have been asking for, which I will cover below.

A new Q & A site, with plan uploads directly from Plan Explorer!

SQL Sentry has released a new Q & A site,, that integrates with SQL Sentry Plan Explorer. This integration allows users to upload execution plans from directly within the application, and get feedback and suggestions from noted execution plan experts, including Paul White. Read on to learn more…

3 Reasons to Upgrade SQL Sentry Now

When it comes to SQL Sentry, we love for you to upgrade for your benefit and ours, and we really work hard to make it easy to do so. So here are some great reasons to upgrade your SQL Sentry environment to the most recent release just as soon as you are able to.

It's Time to Go PRO!

It's hard to believe that we released the first version of Plan Explorer almost two years ago! The acceptance it has seen by the SQL Server community during that time has been amazing, and tremendously gratifying for all of us here at SQL Sentry.

From the start we've had many requests for additional features and functionality. Many of those went directly into the free tool (for a full list go here). For others, it was obvious that some serious heavy lifting and/or an increase in the support requirements would be involved, making them not well-suited for a free tool.

Plan Explorer PRO is the result of many months of building out several of those high effort/high value features you've been asking for. Initially we've targeted the features that we believe will have the greatest impact on efficiency and information sharing. Here are the top 5 major features in PRO: