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Slides and Scripts: Baltimore SQL Server User Group

Slides and Scripts: Baltimore SQL Server User Group

Get the slides and Transact-SQL demo scripts from my recent presentation at the Baltimore SQL Server user group meeting.

Staying Alive at SQLBits 2017

Staying Alive at SQLBits 2017

Kevin Kline talks about the upcoming SQLBits conference, the sessions he's giving and, most importantly, the DISCO THEME!

PASS Summit Keynotes – Day 1 with Joseph Sirosh

PASS Summit Keynotes – Day 1 with Joseph Sirosh

Day One Keynote with Joseph Sirosh Adam Jorgensen, PASS President, welcomed the PASS community to the Seattle, introducing a number of exciting opportunities we are facing as we shift mere data storage to intelligent platforms. As a professional association, Adam's time on stage is as much about keeping the community apprised of the business of

I'm Speaking at PASS Summit 2016

I'm Speaking at PASS Summit 2016

I'm Speaking at PASS Summit 2016   This'll be a busy week for me at the PASS Summit, the biggest conference in the SQL Server industry, with 2 community sessions and 2 general sessions, as shown below: General Session (75 minutes): Fundamentals of Tech Team Leadership (Professional Development), Thu 10:45-12:00 AM PDT Four Ways We Kill

SQL Vacation 2016!

Kevin Kline (@kekline) is going on another SQL Vacation, this time between Nashville and Pensacola, with 7 events scheduled and many chances to win prizes!

DBA JumpStart eBook

Richard Douglas shamelessly plugs a community eBook project he and Kevin Kline were involved in to help jumpstart DBAs in their new career.

Live and In Person! My Speaking Schedule for 2016

After a couple of months with no travel, Kevin Kline (@kekline) lays out his conference and speaking schedule for the upcoming calendar year.

Another Facet of #SQLFamily : Protecting Each Other from Harassment

Kevin Kline (@kekline) reminds us how important it is for us, as a community, to look out for one another.

Blogging from the PASS Keynote, Day 1

Aaron Bertrand (@AaronBertrand) recaps all of the announcements from today's keynote at the PASS Summit in Seattle.

Engaging the SQL Server Community

Justin Randall (@jh_randall) discusses his ongoing efforts to foster the development of our SQL Server community, and explains where he's speaking this fall.

My Fall Speaking Schedule

Aaron Bertrand (@AaronBertrand) talks about the events where he'll be speaking over the coming months – another busy quarter for sure!

Live and In-Person: SQL Sentry Events in September

Kevin Kline (@kekline) tells you about four big upcoming SQL Server events in September where various members of the SQL Sentry team will be speaking.

Write-Post "Hello World"

Allen White (@SQLRunr) reflects on his career to date, and some of the reasons he chose to join SQL Sentry as our new Business Development Manager.

SQL Sentry Adds Two Powerhouse Technology Evangelists in the UK

WHAT’S HAPPENED? When I joined SQL Sentry three years ago, I was the 14th person in the building. We occupied a much smaller and more crowded space in a different building then. But the community responded – in a huge way – by buying our products and supporting our growth. Nick Harshbarger's Office circa 2012.

#SQLVacation FAQs, Follow-ups, and Resources

SQLVacation FAQ and Resources Here are the most frequently asked questions I got while speaking on the #SQLVacation roadtrip: Q: Where can I get the slide decks?A: All of the presentations delivered on the #SQLVacation are on my SlideShare page, along with slide decks from several other recent and popular sessions. I have many more