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Glenn Berry : Reasons to Upgrade to SQL Server 2017

Glenn Berry : Reasons to Upgrade to SQL Server 2017

Glenn Berry discusses a number of compelling reasons why, if you are choosing between SQL Server 2016 or SQL Server 2017, you should choose the newer version. Continue reading…

Providing Exceptional Customer Service to Exceptional Customers

What is "exceptional" customer service? Here are some Dos and Don'ts to consider when attempting to provide exceptional service to exceptional customers.

Submitting a Better Support Request

It's never fun when something goes wrong with a piece of software or hardware we depend on. Often this situation necessitates some form of support engagement with the vendor. Vendor support varies greatly in quality, and I'm lucky to be writing this from the perspective of a member of the technical team at SQL Sentry – a company that has an excellent support team. That being said, my experiences as a support customer of various companies has run the gamut from great to terrible. While the quality of the support team you are working with may vary, I would like to offer some suggestions for making the process better from the customer side.