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SQL Server Optimizer Secrets With Trace Flag 86xx

SQL Server Optimizer Secrets With Trace Flag 86xx

Kevin Kline (@kekline) provides his slides and scripts from his new SQLBits session describing the deep internals exposed by the 86xx series of trace flags.

VMware Workstation : "Internal Error"

Richard Douglas (@SQLRich) provides a quick tip on troubleshooting a less than helpful error message from VMware Workstation.

Tim Radney : Network Load Testing Using iPerf

Tim Radney (@tradney) of SQLskills shows how to measure your network so you have more ammo to take to your network team when there is a performance issue.

Troubleshooting SQL Server Part 4: Correlating Wait Statistics Against Other Metrics

Kevin Kline (@kekline) continues his series on troubleshooting SQL Server; in this post, he shows how to correlate wait stats to other system metrics.

Troubleshooting SQL Server Part 3: Where are the Waits?

Kevin Kline (@kekline) marches on with another entry in his checklist series on troubleshooting SQL Server, this time focusing on wait statistics.

Troubleshooting SQL Server, Part 2 : Inside or outside? Error or Not?

Kevin Kline (@kekline) continues his checklist series on troubleshooting SQL Server, looking at locating the source of the problem and error conditions.

Troubleshooting SQL Server, Part 1 : Do You Use These Shortcuts?

Kevin Kline (@kekline) starts a new blog series, presenting a checklist of things you can do to help you better troubleshoot SQL Server.

SQL Server Monitoring – Getting it Right

Justin Randall (@jh_randall) talks about some of the core principles you should adhere to when building or considering tools for SQL Server monitoring.

I Didn't Know It Could Do That!

Justin Randall (@jh_randall) kicks off a blog series aimed at showing our customers things they might not know about SQL Sentry Performance Advisor and SQL Sentry Event Manager. First up: the "Jump To" menu.