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New Webinar on SQL Server and Vmware Performance

Microsoft MVP Kevin Kline and Charles Kim, founder of Viscosity North America talk about SQL Server running on Vmware in Ten Surprising Performance Killers on Microsoft SQL Server on this October 12th webinar.

Jonathan Kehayias : Troubleshooting CPU Performance on VMware

Jonathan Kehayias : Troubleshooting CPU Performance on VMware

Jonathan Kehayias of SQLskills discusses SQL Server on VMware, and how to monitor CPU performance – with or without access to vCenter.

Got Virtualization? We Can Monitor It!

Lori Edwards (@loriedwards) provides a quick overview of our host and guest virtualization support for both VMware and Hyper-V in SQL Sentry.

SQL Sentry Custom Conditions for VMware

Melissa Connors (@MelikaNoKaOi) describes the VMware-specific custom conditions and their use cases in right-sizing your virtual environments.

SQL Sentry & SIOS iQ : The Integration Begins

Brian Davis (@brian78) walks through configuring Custom Conditions in SQL Sentry to work with the SIOS iQ machine learning platform for VMware environments.

VMware Workstation : "Internal Error"

Richard Douglas (@SQLRich) provides a quick tip on troubleshooting a less than helpful error message from VMware Workstation.

SQL Sentry v10 : Your world's about to get a whole lot bigger

With some homage to the Walking Dead, Jason Hall (@SQLSaurus) gives an interesting overview of some of the exciting functionality coming in SQL Sentry v10.

SQL Sentry v9.0 Virtualization Support : VMware

Continuing from his v9.0 announcement post, Jason Hall (@SQLSaurus) describes SQL Sentry Performance Advisor monitoring of VMware guests and hosts.